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At Water Doctors International, Inc., we specialize in automotive water leaks and wind noise repairs, along with smoke and odor removal, stain removal, and detner (i.e. jut) replacement. Water Doctors International, Inc. dealerships have been providing professional water leak and wind noise repairs since 1976, and is the leading company in this field worldwide.

We at D.T. & Sons, Inc. have been part of the Water Doctors family since May of 1987, and we take great pride in being recognized as the top franchises within the Water Doctors Organization. We go to great efforts to provide the highest quality of service for all of our dealers, body shops, independent shops, and their customers in handling their water leaks and wind noise concerns.

Our goal is to repair every vehicle the first time, although as anyone dealing with water leaks or wind noises knows, there may be an occurrence that may require more than one visit by your customer. Please know that every effort will be made to repair every vehicle the first time.We also offer additional services to help return all vehicles to pre-water leak condition, i.e. detner replacement, de-odorizing of vehicle, which kills mold and mildew, and stain removal, at your approval.

Our repairs are industry acceptable and if processed properly by your warranty administrator, should fall under all warranty time and labor guidelines.

We do ask that you make arrangements for our technicians to have an area to work that has access to water and air, inside during in-climate weather, and preferably, outside during reasonable weather conditions.

We do charge a diagnostic fee on any vehicle if the customer declines the repair, cannot be reached, leak cannot be duplicated, or parts must be ordered. In cases where parts are ordered, the customer cannot be reached, or the leak cannot be duplicated, the diagnostic fee will be deducted from the repair cost if customer returns within 30 days to complete repair.

Most of our work comes with a 1 year warranty, with the exception of any vehicle that is over 10 years old, or any vehicle that has been involved in an accident or modified. Also vehicles that have rust problems may vary our warranty, but in all cases, you will be informed prior to any work being performed, although a diagnostic charge may be incurred.

Hopefully, we can be of service to you, and your facility for years to come. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, or simply ask one of our authorized technicians while they’re at your shop.