About Us

Water Doctors International, Inc. was founded by Jim Vandale in February of 1976. We began franchising in the mid 1980’s, providing water leak, dust leak, and wind noise repairs. In the 1990’s, our services expanded to include under padding replacement, odor treatment, and stain removal. Now, in 2019, we offer service in 22 states by a collection of 14 franchisees and 5 sub-contractors, working with automotive dealers, independent shops, and the general public.

In May of 1987, Todd Radel and his wife, DJ, joined Water Doctors International, Inc. as the owners of D.T. & Sons, Inc. and became a master franchisee in the early 2000’s. Todd was asked to take the position of Director of U.S. Operations in 2008, overseeing the operations and growth of the company. As of January of 2018, D.T. & Sons, Inc. assumed control of Water Doctors International, Inc. and signed the purchase agreement in March of 2018 that marked Todd and DJ as the owners of Water Doctors International, Inc.

Todd attended Delcastle Vo-Tech in Delaware to train to become an auto mechanic. After graduating, he enlisted in the U.S. Army to train to be a Track Vehicle Mechanic, ultimately working in Europe in a maintenance shop. After leaving the Army, he married the love of his life, DJ. They had two sons, Frank and Chris, who are now happily married to Angela and Lauren, respectively. Between their two boys, Todd and DJ have six grandchildren: Taylor, Annabella, Carter, Gannon, Rowan, and Saylor.

Holding faith in high regard, their family remains involved with church alongside their automotive business. Todd has been the Pastor of a small church, God’s Grace Christian Fellowship, since 2000. It’s the values they hold dear from their faith in Jesus Christ that guide their business model today.

At Water Doctors International, Inc., our goal is not simply to provide the best service to the automotive industry. Our highly qualified team of service technicians across the United States make that possible, but we want to take it a step further. Water Doctors International, Inc. cares about what we do and who we do it for, from the top to the bottom of our organization. When we service a vehicle integral to transportation and daily life across the U.S., it’s vital that we make sure to do it right. Water Doctors International, Inc. has always held water leak repair at our core as the beginning of our business. What we can and will do for our customers is more than that though; we work hard to help our customers get the functionality and dependability that their automobile was designed to offer.

We make it a point to use only the best materials designed for the automotive industry to make our water leak and wind noise repairs. Some of these are designed and manufactured for our organization alone, making us one of the best equipped at what we do.

At Water Doctors International, Inc. we look at our company as family, and as a family, we want to leave an outstanding impression across the USA and beyond. From offering business opportunities to quality individuals that need an opening, to helping our franchisees grow and plan for their future, we do our best to support our family in all its undertakings.

Over the past five years, there’s been exceptional interest and growth shown in Water Doctors International, Inc. It’s been an exciting time of development for us, and we’re determined to see this pattern not only continue, but also grow. We hope to double the size of Water Doctors International, Inc. over the next five years and aim to continue positively impacting as many lives as possible. If you’re interested, we’re always seeking dedicated and quality individuals looking for an opportunity to own their own business here in the USA.